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it's not a tribe...IT'S A COOKBOOK !!!

true tales (and recipes) of cannibalism. from diego rivera to kapal nath - none of that serial killer crap, please... RSS Feed what is XML?

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Cannibal restaurant in (*drumroll*) Germany  topic
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Breast Feeding Goes Soft Serve  topic
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If It Were Only A Cookbook...  topic
(women and) children first  topic
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Happy Pre-Afterbirthday to Me!  topic
Neanderthals Apparently Delicious  topic
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humanmeatchart.jpg  photo flag
Delicious, Delicious, People  photo flag
an intellectual history  topic
Chile miners joked about cannibalism  topic
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Two cannibals...  topic
Fox News has recipes  topic
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_wikipedia_commons_0_0a_Leonhard_Kern...  photo flag
human fromage  topic
those wacky colonists  topic
Brain Bowls for Recovering Zombie Vegetarians  topic
Babies: it's what's for dessert.  topic
Japanese Boob Pudding  topic

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